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About Us

Experienced Architects in Southington, CT

For professional architects with experience completing a wide variety of projects, choose AE Design Group, LLC in Southington, CT. Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction by making your ideas and visions come to life. From sectors including community, commercial and retail, education, healthcare and research laboratories, we offer free initial consultations and communication with Daniel S. LaMontagne, AIA (Principal Architect) through the whole process.

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Our History

In 1984, AE Design Group was founded by architect Joseph Eddy. The firm expanded in a period of five years from a startup of one architect, one engineer and two draftsmen to over 20 professionals as we expanded our services and our client base. In 1989, Mr. Eddy shifted the focus of the firm from gaining clients to customer satisfaction. We reduced our staff to four professionals and our client list to select groups. Since, we have continued to work with a limited list of clients that trust us with fulfilling their long-term goals for growth and continued service to their clientele.

Daniel S. LaMontagne, member of the American Institute of Architects, recently acquired Joseph S. Eddy DBA AE Design Group, forming AE Design Group, LLC (AEDG). He is the Sole Managing Member and Principal Architect for AEDG and as such, he oversees all aspects of design and documentation for all projects.

Daniel S. LaMontagne, AIA

Principal Architect
Dan is a licensed architect in the State of Connecticut and in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

“Many people think about their dream job, but I am living it. I didn’t think it would be this intense when I first ventured down this path, but the profession of architecture requires a variety of skills and knowledge to navigate and guide a project to completion.

Regardless what you have heard, an Architect’s main responsibility is the health, safety and welfare of those that inhabit the buildings he/she designs. Therefore, the direct end of all architectural design explorations must be that; health, safety and welfare.

I learned early in my career that the way to best serve as an Architect is to become as knowledgeable about the technical aspects of Architecture as I can. To merely focus on the Design of Architecture only gets me to the pretty picture. To merely focus on the design only gets me part of the way. I was interested in Architecture because of the design aspect. I enjoyed my time at the University of Florida because of the design studios. But once I entered the architectural office, I realized I did not fully understand it. I met some, and have been mentored by many interesting and diverse Architects. Some were design focused, some technically focused, and some not focused at all. But ALL were amazing and all provided me with the continued education required to become an Architect.

I believe design is everywhere…Design is in the building code, the roof detail and in the specifications. Architecture is a harmonious combination of all of it. Design is a component; Architecture is the complete package. I believe the best Architecture provides maximum benefit to the client, provides a space that enhances the comfort and wellbeing of the users and provides the larger community with a building with which they can be proud.”

Cynthia Reyes Malinowski

Senior Associate
Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Cynthia fell in love with architecture via a catastrophe. After Hurricane Georges, the island was devastated. As a high school student, Cynthia volunteered in organizations that helped rebuild her community. It was through these efforts that her passion for architecture ignited.

Months before graduating from the University of Hartford, Cynthia joined AE Design Group. Cynthia has become a vital part of the firm’s operations while gaining valuable experience in all aspects of the trade; experience that a larger architecture firm could not offer.

Cynthia is a firm believer in all things green. From concept to completion, Cynthia manages projects from start to finish, paying close attention to environmental and sustainable design principles. She is very hopeful for the future of architecture and looks forward to new innovations in green construction.

Cynthia’s flare for design also extends into fashion. She draws inspiration from fashion week, Vogue, and her favorite blogs to create a unique sense of style that has drawn the attention of friends and family who often ask her for her fashion advice.

Robert M. Heim

Senior Interior Designer
Rob was born in Hartford and is a lifelong resident of CT. His 5th grade career day was when the lightbulb went off for him. He attended a presentation from a local Architect where the presenter brought in a scale model. Once the Architect began disassembling the model, Rob became fascinated with the profession. He took 4 years of drafting and design in High School, and he won an award for the Youth Design completion from HBA of CT. After school he worked for a residential builder for 9 years, and he again was recognized for best new home Design in 1994. His design expertise was honed in the residential side. Remembering back to that career day, he decided to set his sights on the commercial side of design and architecture. He has been utilizing his skills for the past 15 years with AE Design Group, and looks forward to the ever changing needs and styles in the years to come.

Rob is an avid classic car collector where attention to design and detail is critical. He enjoys comparing everyday situations with an episode of Seinfeld, his favorite show. He even named his dog Kramer!

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